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Finally.. a PS5

This game was pretty fun to play, a bit buggy, but the Knack 3 and dialogue options were hilarious to go with it. Enjoyed it very much, definitely how getting a PS5 would feel like.. I think :( 4/5 from me!



The game is amazing it just takes a while to download and took up a lot of my pc

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What are System Requirements 

System requirements

  • Do not have a PS5
  • Windows 7,8,10 or later
  • Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster
  • NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher
  • 4 GB RAM

Thnks but ı have AMD HD 7400m and intel Core i5 2430 can ı play this game

İ dunno try it 

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Annd ı have a dx 11 feature level 10 Required Alert

How can ı solve this problem You can reach me at 


hi l am dowland game but plz help

Can I see the details for nerds?

Chiggy, chiggy, Check It out! Real PS5 unboxing coming when it arrives 👀 But for now this was great!




Sorry for that

What do you mean "AmongUsBoi"




then u should learn about how does a computer work. I'm 95% sure that this is a problem on your side. you can't throw trash on developers jut cause you have a low-end PC or you don't fit the requirements 


ill try it after i try it FOLLOW ME PLZ

boi ._.

Your pc probably cant run it


this is the same house from House Party on steam! that kitchen gave me flashbacks to Frank's "hhhoooh you focken DED dood"




can anyone follow me Plzzzzzz

can you stop being an irritating child instead?

Que carajo

seriously, what are the system requirements

I really want to say but I don't know! I have 1050ti, it runs smoothly

wth  i cant play 

system req?



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Hello, i'm brazilian and i did a video of your game, i think that was pretty fun: Funny moment: 5:56

hey, thinking of bringing this to mac at all? kinda want a virtual ps5 ngl..

if you're on a version earlier than catalina use winebottler. if you dont know how to use a tutorial im too lazy to link one


Instructions not clear enough. My router exploded...

I love this game. 


Maybe you shouldn't have a PS4 as your router

I thought that was what that was LMAO.


Awesome Game. Cable Management is bit hard bit I made a full review of your game. :)) Rated 5/5!

Cable management is always hard...

Hahaha. :D


tried to get the tv of the shelf but it flew somwere i guess i got it of

You don't need a TV anymore!


Hi. This house remember other game ...

Leave my little gameplay

Now you know what happens after you'll get a PS5...


Its so funny. But I got a little bit frustrated when I try to connect the power caable XD

Cable management is hard


i just wasted 20 minutes of my life

I really sorry for that!


i really wanted to play this game but im stuck on black screen and i can hear everything

I really sorry for that, but don't know why this is happening!

The game is cool, but there is a very peculiar physics of objects. I put the PS5 in one room and pulled the wires through all the walls to another room. And when you walk, all objects below you flied in all directions. (sorry for my english)


Yeah, that's why Newton wasn't happy about my game

Super fun! Thanks for making! - for some reason I got a bit dizzy playing this, could it be the motion blur?

Hmmm, it might be. Probably will get rid of this, thanks!


That looks like the same map from house party

It actually is. Party after PS5!

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Trying to play Knack 3 while looking for sNacks...and that Hideo Kojima credit rolling! Hilarious.

Btw my Oculus & SteamVR both pop up while launching the *.exe file -- however if I close those 2 the game will become unplayable, stuck in blackscreen. I had to drag the SteamVR status bar to the side to play with mouse & keyboard. Any ideas?

It's kinda strange, really sorry for that, but I have no idea what cause of this!

Luckily it didn't get in the way for me to enjoy this game! Thanks for the effort.

I imagine it's the ThirdParty sources that are referenced while you export your build? I tried removing the 'OpenVR' & 'Oculus' folders and running the *.exe but it would cause "Fatal Error"....


Had fun destroying the house looking for the TV... right in front of me




What About Xbox Series X Simulator?


It's called a trash can.


Exactly what is Xbox

for you sure.

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Only if I will get one from Microsoft. Only for reference, of course 👀

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Awesome game! Pure genius! Was really living it! I also invented infinite eletricity in this same wonderful evening of gaming!


But... but... you can't attach a PS5 to it!

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My man, you've done this again =)
Thank you for making my dream of playing Knack 3 into reality!
This Next-Gen party is getting crazy!

Now we need to ask dunkey to play it

i kinda lost the charger to the remote


Unfortunately now you need to buy another one.


I tried to install my PS5 and I think I need a new home. So much fun! 


at last I have a PS5 :)  


so funny

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