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how to run game???????????????????????????????????

Run the exe

quite a fun game, i really enjoyed it. i even gave you a shoutout at the end of the video so if you gain a million subscribers overnight you know who to thank lol

The dev of this game must be a twitch viewer with the brian tts voice.

I'am going to say it... HE 'S A JUICER 

I always wanted to play games on top of my roof and this game made it possible for me to do so. Love the teleporting wires and the parkour towards the roof!

I really enjoyed this! xD

I was waiting for a jumpscare

best video game ever made it really felt like I had a PS5! But I don't... 10/10 best game

No one actually replied to me when i asked why it keeps crashing lol

You might not have the minimum specs to run the game?

Deleted 21 days ago
Deleted 21 days ago

I guess so, i got this : HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PC, AMD A-6-4400M APU with Radeon(tm) HD graphics, 8GB ram.

Maybe because you don't have a dedicated graphics card? 

Yea true

Yeah, that'll be why.



JUst played this game! it was amazing! 


make it on mobile


 I finally got to live my true dream and open a PS5. Super fun and funny

I finally beat this hell.

PS5 Simulator For Free without Payments And Browse

Why it keeps crashing? I have 2 versions of it and both of them are crashing, somebody knows how to fix that? Thank you


i thought this was horror too lol


i tried lol, very fun though !!!

supports vr?!

I don't have VR so no :(

It launches steam vr when opened so kind of odd



Deleted 177 days ago

hola si una pregunta yo lo he intentado descargar 2 veces y me dice error no se porque pasa eso



very funny !

how to lower the graphics

Hahah well done. I loved this simulator. Here's my playthrough - 

DX11 feature level 10.0 required to run the engine'' error help

Update DirectX

my directX version 11.1 Update directx 12 ?


it no work ;v;

btw it would be great if you would add a fov slider to change your fov :)

YAYYY, This is my fav game on, omggg ty for this game, keep up the work :)

Finnaly a NOT Clickbait console simulator xdd

Love the graphics too :)

Thank you!

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Full subtitle!open in youtube cc!

finally!Funny Unboxing PS5!

If u like my video,Sub My channel Qilao

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Imagine if you ported it for PlayStation 5 via homebrew DOES have the option for games to be on the PS5 platform


Yep, just got finished playing this for a live stream and had a few laughs. Here's the video if anyone is interested.



Deleted 229 days ago

and yo Grammar makes it hard to understand what you tryna say smh 🤦‍♂️

Deleted 229 days ago

I think you meant; "STFU! Go back to grade school if you can't read that! If you cannot understand what I wrote, you are slow I cannot help you with your lack of brain cells, sorry man I know it cannot be easy being slow."

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Pls add it for Mac


Fun game runs at 1 fps


wait so you have a toaster


I got the full Sony PS5 expierence, best part was the team fortress meme funny refrence. I have beaten the game 3 times already, each was it own unique beautiful expierience. 

Would wish for a Xbox series X simulator. 


wth is on OVRPlugin.dll

It's Oculus Rift plugin that comes with the UE4


please make more games like this

my dx cant play it D:

the best thing  you can do to play without errors is download the itch app

(not everything is working   on itch app  )  but you can  easy play the downloaded games

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