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good future in civilization robot


Very nice game ~ 

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was my screen supposed to be half black when i started the game?

yes i have requirements

That would be the 'Pirate' trait, representing eye patch. It'd be helpful if game explained the effects of traits.

Breathtaking experience, 10/10

Appropriately, I bricked the game whilst in the hacking interface.

Very Weird and Random........Good

this was a very cool game, i really like cyberpunk based games so this was a nice surprise to find, thank you


random version???? i thought it was normal cyberpunk

What trait " rambo " and " ocelot revolver " do ?

some good trait and it's fun game.

i would like to see some stat , time , kills and see all items and trait we can play with.

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Can you make a mac version pls? I've seen other people play it and it looks amazing, although I can't play it

It runs using wine but it isn't great, unreal games are notorious for glitches under wine.

Mac would explode if you launched the game, since the minimum graphics are far from Mac graphics, you would need at least a "GTX 1060" For this game to run. And macs cant fit a GPU in it. An eGPU would be better for this.


Macs wouldn't be great at running the game since the game needs DirectX, Which macs don't have. Or i'm not sure they have it. Use on a PC

Oh ok

How do you lower the mouse sensitivity? For me, moving my mouse literally two inches turns me 360 degrees. I couldn't find a sensitivity setting the the options, and changing the pointer speed in Windows makes no difference.

It's my fault, I'm sorry. 

I kinda lost the code for this game, so I can't add menu for changing mouse sensitivity. But I will add it to the next games!

Do you know of any workaround on the user side? Any trick to slow down the mouse movement before the game interprets it?

Nope :(


maybe try lowering the sensitivity by going on the search bar on the windows menu and typing "mouse settings" then go to "pointer options" and where it says motion you can adjust the speed/sensitivity idk it helps me. 

Like I said, I already tried that. It made no difference.

I really enjoyed this.

Thank you!

this game deserves some speedruns

But there is none :(

oooof lol

ooooooof i cant run it :(


beats me idfk

oh hello potato pc if u cant run cyberpunk then try running red dead redepmtion 2 full graphics with an i3 and no graphic card its like +999999 fps no joke


Hello 7 year old, Id rather stop making retarded jokes that nobody will laugh at if I were you. You are not funny. Seriously, if you don't stop your mental health will worsen if you keep doing this.

jesus christ, shut up, this was 9 months ago, they've probably changed.

and besides, this is literally just one comment on a game. it's not gonna worsen their mental health, the only thing it's gonna do is piss off people like you.

cant run it but looks so fun

An Amazing triple AAA game 1000/10

pogo stick pog

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If game is lagged (there is no settings) - change your MONITOR's resolution to low. For example, 800x600 - now it's playable

Nevermind, samurai, keep doing your things 👺

Yeah, I definitely should dig into settings more, sry for that

this is because of your gpu

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He said "If the game is laggy." He didn't say "The game is laggy"

Redo 3rd grade


It was so good I thought cyberpunk was the fanmade game.


This game is a masterpiece 


alright, fuck it, you convinced me, my computer's gonna fucking blow up but i don't care animore


welcome to the future


"what makes you a criminal is getting cock"

-Jon week

oh hi join wiik

Haha, funny.


Nice Cyberpunk Game


best thing about this is that its better then the actual cyberpunk game


shhh, don't tell anyone




Speedrun it via my speedrunning site



since you're the dev, could you legit-check the runs because you know the game best?


I don't think I can check runs, because I'm too dumb at this and also this game have so much bugs, even I don't know everything, lol


there could be a glitchless and glitch run... but i guess Notch doesnt check minecraft speedruns.

LOL  you made a game that you dont know that kind of FUNNI


It Was A Great Game


Also how do i interact with items


You can't


why is half of my screen black?


i cant tell if you're joking or serious lmfao


it's a trait, pirate.

its covers half of your screen.

restart if u dont like it


Good game, very fun to play
PS: I'm gonna try request this game on - maybe this will be accepted lol


Thanks, but I think they would reject it, since it's not popular game or whatever


yeah but RE RUN got accepted


Well, RE RUN is made by awesome Dani with 2.1M subscribers on Youtube. His game is much popular than mine, so it wouldn't be surprise for me that speedrun community would reject this game. My previous game PS5 Simulator (which is far more popular than Randompunk) was rejected even that several people have asked for this.

But my man, thank you for trying, I really appreciate this! 


I found you through this Indonesian YouTuber with 1.5 subscribers playing your game lol


Thank you! 

Dang, 1.5 subs, almost 2 subs.


hey i have the same idea! 




so crazyyy'


This is amazing, its crazy how much stuff you did for this game