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The Earth is almost no more. Aliens destroyed its surface so humanity moved underground. But our planet will not stand more, we should leave it. We build the ark - massive mother-ship ΛRDEiN with thousands of people on board. We need YOU to protect it - prove that you can defend last humanity chance. But you not the only one who we test.



ΛRDEiN.FΛLL is a fast-paced action game, mixed with bullet hell and tower defense elements. Control your spaceship, protect ΛRDEiN mothership and fight back against a hordes of hostile aliens. All battles takes place in virtual space simulations - each day you will face new challenges and new enemies to fight with. Become one of the best pilots in leaderboards, and you will be chosen to approach the final mission - save humanity from the Earth.


  • LEFT STICK - Movement
  • R TRIGGER - Shoot
  • L TRIGGER - Dash
  • Y /  Δ - Build options
  • START - Pause


  • WASD - Movement
  • LMB - Shoot
  • SPACE BAR - Dash
  • F - Build options
  • ESC - Pause


Hey! I'm Alex, solo-developer of this game. This is work in progress, so game may be changed upon the release. If you found any bugs or you came up with a great idea for this game - feel free to reach me on twitter. I hope you will like this game, but if not - write me too! I would like to know what you are think about it!

Development log